Travelling With a Baby

On this freezing Adelaide Winter morning, I’m sure a lot of us a dreaming of chasing the sun to somewhere warm. Travel provides an amazing sensory experience for your baby, but travel prior to children is certainly a different experience! The team at Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic have put together some tips to hopefully make travelling with your baby and toddler a little bit smoother!

1. No matter how you feed your baby, we suggest feeding them on both take off and landing to assist with any eustachian tube dysfunction from altitude changes (that popping and cracking in the ears!). Staff on the plane can assist with water for formula preparation if needed.

2. The carrier is your friend! Although you can’t have a baby in the carrier on take off on landing, it is an amazing tool whilst in the airport and pacing the aisles of the plane!

3. Take more nappies than you think you need and more clothes than you think you will need (for both you and baby!)

4. If your baby is 4 or 5 months, consider delaying solids until back from holidays (one less job whilst away, although if Italian gelato is on offer this is a tricky one)

5. Invest in travel insurance!

6. Ensure all vaccinations are up to date, including influenza if baby is over 6 months

7. Plane entertainment – take small “presents” to unwrap – although the safety briefing card and the wrapping paper is often the best entertainment!

8. Ask for a seat with a spare seat next to it on check in where possible

9. If you are planning a long haul flight, break up the travel with 1-2 nights somewhere on the way over

10. Consider a lightweight stroller that can be stored in the overhead locker

11. Snacks. All the snacks. The 100ml limit does not apply for what you need to feed your baby

12. Consider a medical kit – we can provide suggestions (and ondansetron for vomiting!)

13. Try and adjust to the local time zone as quickly as possible to reset the circadian clock. Wake up with the sun and get moving to see the sights!

You may need to adjust your expectations – your baby or toddler may not tolerate a long wait in the sun for a tourist attraction and you may not get away with a romantic dinner in Paris. It is unlikely there will be lazy sleep ins and long days lounging by the pool. Will you create memories of a lifetime – absolutely! Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!!

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