Allied Health

We are fortunate to have some amazing Allied Health practitioners working alongside us, under the banner of “Adelaide Women’s Healthcare Collaborative”.

To book in to see one of these practitioners, simply call our office (8166 4381) and speak to one of our reception staff.

Many have their own website and links are included below:

Women’s Physiotherapist

Olivia Bredenkamp


Olivia has extensive experience in all aspects of women’s physiotherapy including pregnancy, postnatal, breastfeeding complications (including management of mastitis), incontinence and pelvic floor issues, and pelvic pain management. She also does musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

At Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic Olivia also manages hiring of TENS machine for use in labour. An appointment is needed to go over how to use the machine. Individual single-person-use electrodes are sold with the TENS machine hire.


Lara Nowland


Lara specialises in the management of women and children. She approaches clients from a holistic point of view and adapts to each unique family.

Women: PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic pain, fertility optimisation, hormonal balance, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, IBS, breastfeeding.

Babies and Toddlers: introducing solids, food intolerances and allergies, fussy eating, managing nutrition in vegetarian/vegan families.

Yasmina Diab

Yasmina is passionate about supporting women with disordered eating. This can include eating disorders with restrictive behaviour, but also women who suffer with binge-eating disorders, over-eating and those with unhelpful relationships with food. Her focus is on changing people’s behaviour around food rather than focusing on the food itself. For those seeking help to lose weight, a similar approach is taken by first focusing on what behavioural changes need to occur.

She also manages endometriosis, pelvic pain, PCOS, fertility, pregnancy, gestational diabetes and poor gut health.

Childbirth Hypnosis

Jamie Logan


Jamie offers several hypnotherapy options for expectant mums. All are aimed at keeping a calm state of mind and reducing anxiety/distress/discomfort during labour. One is aimed for those expecting a labour and vaginal delivery; and one is for those having a planned Caesarean Section.

Other great services include:

  • Management of nausea/vomiting and hyperemesis
  • Inducing labour
  • Reducing pre-term delivery
  • Using hypnosis to manage fear and anxiety in general
  • Accuneedling to help with a large number of common pregnancy-related problems; birth preparation; and postnatally (ie mastitis)

Speech Pathologist

Ashleigh Howie

Ashleigh is an experienced speech pathologist. She is specialised in paediatric practice working with very young children and babies through to adolescents in the areas of feeding, speech, language, literacy, developmental delays, Autism Spectrum disorder and other disabilities. Throughout the past 10 years she has worked in private practices, non-government organisations, childcares and schools supporting children with a variety of needs.

Ashleigh is passionate about supporting children and their families to reach their goals and full potential. Her approach is evidence-based, collaborative, supportive, flexiable and understanding of each clients individual needs.

Chronic Disease Management Plans and Team Care Arrangement Plans are accepted.

Initial consultations are 1 hour and review appointments are 45 minutes.


For more information regarding Allied Health services please view our Adelaide Women’s Healthcare Collaborative Website by clicking the link below


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