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Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic is a specialist GP clinic, focusing on providing exception care to women and their children, while also offering the broad spectrum of General Practice. Dr Briony Andrew and Dr Rhiannon Smith are both GP Obstetricians and Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and have special skills in Breastfeeding Medicine. We offer additional support during pregnancy and the first year of life. We are supported by experienced General Practitioners with an interest in Breastfeeding Medicine.

Long appointments allow for thorough exploration of all contributing factors for a wide range of mother-baby pair issues.

We follow the principles of the “Possums Clinic for Mothers and Babies” based in Brisbane – an evidence-based clinic run by Dr. Pamela Douglas (GP, IBCLC, researcher and author). We have all achieved accreditation in the Neuroprotective Developmental Care Program run by the Possums Clinic, and are the first to do so in Adelaide.

Common issues that we are skilled in managing include: breastfeeding problems, unsettled infant behaviour, infant sleep, maternal mental health problems, antenatal care and antenatal education. With our unique skill set we are able to fully examine for underlying medical issues while also assessing “the big picture” and developing individualised management plans.

But we are also GPs! We are happy to take care of anyone who is looking for a compassionate and caring GP.

Information About Our Appointments


Your initial appointment will take one hour. We will thoroughly address any concern you have about breastfeeding. We are skilled in helping mothers with the full range of breastfeeding problems including pain, nipple damage, mastitis, blocked ducts, fussing at the breast, breast refusal, low supply, oversupply and functional lactose overload, feeding twins, mixed feeding and pumping. We will observe a feed, so please bring anything you need to support you with this, as well as your baby’s blue book. Additional appointments of 30-60 minutes duration may be required to meet your goals.


These appointments are one hour, and take a very holistic picture of the mother-baby pair. We will address any feeding issues (breast or bottle), weigh and examine your baby to assess for any medical conditions, and offer ideas for managing the days and nights. The wellbeing and support of the parents are pivotal during these consults. Our broad skill set allows us to manage not just the unsettled infant, but the caregiver too. Please bring the baby’s blue book and anything you need to feed your baby.


These appointments are for one hour and both a parent and the baby or child need to attend. We offer infant sleep support that is honouring the baby’s biological sleep regulators and embraces cued care. Our sleep education is based in the principles of NDC (Neuroprotective Developmental Care), pioneered by Dr Pamela Douglas at the Possums Clinic in Brisbane.


Your initial appointment will be for 30-45 minutes. We will confirm your pregnancy, take a thorough history, examination and explain all your pregnancy care options. There are many tests that can be done early in pregnancy, and we will explain these in detail.

If you have already had some tests or ultrasounds, please bring copies of these along with you, or inform our receptionists where you have had these done and we can arrange a download before your appointment. Likewise, if you have an orange pregnancy record, please bring that too.

Any subsequent appointments will be 15-30 minutes in duration.

*Please note – these appointments are not available at North Adelaide.


Appointments to discuss your contraception needs can be done in 15-30 mins.

IUD and Implanon insertion and removals require a 30 minute appointment. The Practice Nurse will also be required to help.

*Please note – these appointments are not available at North Adelaide.


Depending on the complexity of the situation, 30-60 mins is best for an initial consult, especially if it is related to postnatal anxiety or depression. Usually the issues are multi-factorial and having a longer appointment allows us to evaluate both mother and baby issues.

Preparation of a GP Mental Health Care Plan needs 30 mins. In general, this is not possible to do at the first consult as we need to conduct a thorough assessment first.


We are able to manage the vast array of women’s health issues including: problematic periods (heavy, painful, irregular); contraception; pre-conception advice and education on optimising chances of pregnancy; infertility work-up; cervical screening; sexual health and menopause management. We are also GP’s and so can manage the vast array of medical issues that women may face.

Depending on how many problems you wish to discuss, appointment length will vary between 15-45 minutes. Please book the appropriate length appointment to get your issues addressed.


We are also GPs! Although we love helping mothers and babies thrive, we are happy to see anyone to address their medical problems. Depending on the number of issues to be discussed, please book the appropriate length appointment. 15 minutes is usually only long enough to address one concern.


We are able to offer childhood immunisations. These appointments will also include a thorough examination including weighing and measuring your baby; a developmental check; and answering any concerns you have. These are done in a 30 minute appointment time and are not bulk-billed. Please bring your child’s blue book with you.


Most consults will attract Medicare rebates however a gap will be charged and full payment is required on the day of consultation. We do not offer bulk billing. Reception staff will discuss this with you further when you make your appointment.

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Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and pay our respects to their elders both past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and uphold their continuing relationship to this land, the land of the Kaurna and Peramangk people.

Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic is committed to providing an inclusive service, and environment where individuals feel accepted, safe, affirmed and celebrated. Adelaide Mums and Babies Clinic is committed to equity irrespective of cultural or linguistic background, sexual orientation, gender identity (LGBTQIA+), intersex status, religion or spiritual beliefs, socio-economic status, age, or abilities.